Reservation Policy

“For security reasons, customers must have a valid credit card to reserve golf clubs with My Golf Valet (MGV). Customers must enter their credit card information on the secure reservation form on the website or give the information to the MGV representative over the phone.

Reservations can be made up to 4 months in advance of the rental pick-up date. The customer’s credit card will be charged for the amount of the rental when the reservation is placed however this amount is refundable if the reservation is cancelled prior to 24 hours before the start of the rental period (See our cancellation policy for more details). MGV does not give credit or money back for early returns of rentals.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations may be made anytime prior to 24 hours before the actual start of the rental period, to receive a full refund. Reservations may be cancelled by the customer online, over the phone, or via E-mail. Cash refunds will not be given. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the rental period will be given a credit. MGV’s partner stores (pick-up and drop-off depots) will not be responsible for accepting cancellations on MGV’s behalf. Rain checks are not offered

Damage and Loss Policy

The customer renting golf clubs from My Golf Valet agrees to pay for any damage to the clubs they are renting that is not considered normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear to the clubs includes (but is not exclusive to) scratches on the bottom of the club head, tee marks on the club head, and grip wear. Clubs will be inspected by a My Golf Valet store prior to the rental pick-up and again when the clubs are dropped off. Customers must inspect the clubs to check for any damage or missing clubs before they leave the store. Upon return of the clubs the customer is responsible for reporting any loss or damage to the clubs. Failure to report loss or damage to the clubs will result in the customer’s credit card being charged an amount equivalent to the new replacement cost due to the fact a new club (or clubs) has to be ordered to complete the set.

Customer pickup and dropoff-

All pick-ups and drop offs of rental clubs will be located at the My Golf Valet designated store within their business hours. Pick-up and Drop-off times will be sent to the customer at the time of reservation confirmation. The MGV store will not wait or extend their business hours for late rental returns or pick-ups. All late fees ($25) are subject to applicable state and city taxes. Customers must present a valid government issued photo ID to the store representative for proof of identification. The store representative will make a photo copy of this ID and keep on file until the clubs are returned to the store.

Delivery Policy - Pick Up Policy

“Deliveries will take place according to your communication with our team. We will deliver to your course or hotel either the day before or the day of by 8 A.M. Please contact us via phone or e-mail to make the proper arragnements.
Same day orders will be delivered if the order is placed before 12 P.M. Rentals will be delivered to your choice of course or hotel within our delivery areas. Orders will be delivered same day or next day before 8 A.M. Pick Up Policy, Please check your bag thoroughly and remove all personal belongins, MGV will not be responsible for personal belongings left behind. Pick ups will be at pre-determined pickup location desired by renter and approved by MGV at end of rental period. Rentals not availbable for pick up may incurr additional charges to renter.

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